Why Goose Internet?



  • Faster servers to boost your Website
  • We speed up your images when you choose Goose
Customer Service

Customer Service

  • Friendly, personable support from experts
  • No automated answers, talk to and email humans!
Digital Marketing Experts

Digital Marketing Experts

  • Lose the technical jargon and get real advice
  • Much more that just Web Hosting – Experts in digital marketing!

Why Goose?

There are many reasons why more and more businesses are choosing Goose Internet to look after their Website.

If you search online for Website hosting companies you will find hundreds of Websites offering baffling technical specifications that mean little to the average business owner.

At Goose we try to cut through all of the jargon and find out what your business needs and then quite simply provide you with the package that will suit your business. For 95% of small businesses, our £95 per year small business hosting package is perfect.

No stress, no need to understand the technology, just a home for your business Website

Our unique speed boost offer

This is one service that we are unique in offering! Having a fast Website is vital for user experience and search engines like it too. When customers move to Goose, we carefully optimise every image on the Website so that it is optimised to load quickly and yet still have the same visual quality.

Simply moving to Goose can give your Website a boost!

Customer service

Primarily, Goose Internet is run by Digital Marketing experts who understand what it takes to market a business and what works and doesn’t work.

We are asked by clients about aspects of online marketing that are far wider than Website hosting. We offer a friendly, personal and approachable customer service.

There is nothing worse than contacting a company and receiving a soulless impersonal response that doesn’t actually answer your question. At Goose we work with you and we want your business to succeed. Your success is our success!


"Goose Internet now look after my website, and the service is perfect"

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Welcome to Goose Internet - Website now live!
May 19, 2016
For hosting and domains we partner with a company called Goose Internet, Today their brand new website has gone live.

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